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Datadora a Jato de Tinta Térmica Portátil Móvel Yaomatec

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Itens Inclusos

1x impressora de impressora

1x carregador (100-240v)

1x sensor (poderia imprimir em linha automaticamente)

1x usb usb

1x caneta de toque

1x anel de borracha

1x placa de metal posicional

1x caixa de pacote de metal duro

1x hp cartucho de tinta original

1 manual xenglish e 0 vídeos peration no usb

Nota: o conjunto nós fornecemos js12 ou YAOMATEC-A12 cartucho seco rápido com hp alta adhsion original tinta solvente, não o tipo barato tinta.



Package picture as below: with Hard Box not paper box

Click to buy extra ink if need, premier the best $52 each

the printer came with 1 best black fast dry ink

If need cheap normal fast dry ink, then click the link to check details before buy it, exw price $30 each

difference: premier HP JS12 is the best which suitable almost any material, normal fast dry ink cartridge support paper box and normal plastic, please check the link details, we recommend you buy one to try. it's also good.

TWO FUNCTION:Print by hand Manual printing or online print automatically

if you need print online automatically then you need buy stand and conveyor separately.


1, expiry date, production date
2, logo, picture
3, QR code, barcode
4, 24 languages printer support variable data, TXT format files
5,Words, number, could edit on printer directly
6, could print anything any language by BMP format picture

Printing Anything

QR Code Bar batch code production date number logo , picture, expiry date label, variable data or variable data, variable information, print anything

Print on almost any material

printer Introduction: easy to use

1,Connect method: edit message on printer directly or edit logo and picture on computer then input by USB, can't connect computer directly.

2,Variable date function: for example, if you need print 10000 pcs products per hour and each products need have different barcode and QR code information then you need edit the 10000pcs TXT files and use the variable date function.

More printing effect display:

can't connect computer directly

1, edit on printer
2, use usb to input files
3, can't connect computer directly
4, PC interface just for engineer to update system.

Warranty policy under the case of our competitive ink cartridge price

1, Warranty 13 months in the case of always buy cartridge from Yaomatec Official store.

2, warranty 3 months in the case of don't use our ink cartridge after the only ink cartridge used out that came with the printer, because the printer’s motherboard will be burned easily if use other supplier's poor quality ink cartridge.

3, The warranty policy can only be enjoyed under the condition of correct use, man-made damage, the consequences are at your own risk

4,The policy only applies to Yaomatec official store, buy cartridge from other store don't support.

5, Please note: premium cartridge voltage 9V, cheap cartridge voltage 10V, premium cartridge will be burned if you set the voltage 10V. so you need use it in a correct method.












































printer1black ink

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